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Every knife has a name, every knife has a story.

Each knife is precisely designed to best fit the operator.

The Farm Hand

A Knife designed for my friend who requested an all-around, farmer's utility knife. Made from 3/16" thick ATS-34 steel hardened to 60 rc, this knife provides serious durability and stain resistance, while allowing for re-sharpen-ability. The handle is made from hand picked, highly figured, stabilized maple burl. The blending of the light and dark portions of the wood make it come alive in a dance of flames across the handle. Linen micarta liners provide an excellent contrast between the maple burl and the blade. The knife is completed with nickle sliver pins and thong tube.  The sheath is made of cow hide and hand stitched. A retention strap is added to ensure a tight fit around the farm.

The Becker

This tactical knife I designed for a friend who requested a strong knife with a tactical feel, that would be suitable for both survival and self defense.  After many alterations, the Becker came to be.  Flat ground from 3/16" thick ATS-34, this knife is designed to be functional as both a bug-out-bag staple, and a self defense implement   The blade is lined with red linen micarta, and the scales are made from a slab of black linen micarta as well.  The sheath is made from Kydex, molded to fit like a glove around this knife and includes two retention screws and 15 ft of paracord included.

The Miller

This KABAR inspired knife was designed for a active duty Marine.  He requested a modernized fighting knife based in the traditional knife of the Maries.  Flat ground from 3/16" thick 1095 high carbon steel, the blade is lined with red linen micarta, and the scales are made from black and grey layered G10.  The sheath is made from black leather and double stitched with white thread. The D-ring is attatched to the top of the sheath allowing the knife to swivel as the operator's leg bends.

The Old Friend 

I designed this knife for one of our country's true heroes   built in secret as a gift, this knife was designed to replace a similar tool lost many years ago.  I built on the traditional sharp finger model by adding length to the grip, to fit the hand of the operator, and increased the blade length, as requested by the purchaser.  The blade measures 3/16" thick and is made from ATS-34 that is hardened to 60 rc, with a handle is made of real buffalo horn and Paduk.  The sheath is made of leather that is dyed black and hand stitched with black thread. The retention strap is fastened with a stud instead of a snap to reduce noise during field use.

The Mantis

The Mantis is a must in every hunter's pack.  Designed to be a small gutting and cleaning knife, the Mantis also exceeds at utility functions and fish cleaning.  With a  short blade and thin handle, this knife is ideal for delicate jobs, yet robust enough to stand up to the toughest tasks. The blade measures 3/16" thick and is made from ATS-34 that is hardened to 60 rc, with a handle made of stabilized Redwood with a white micarta liner.  The sheath is made of leather that is dyed black and hand stitched with white thread. The horizontal carry option for this knife makes it very comfortable to wear while sitting in your deer blind or riding a horse.

The  Ace

Designed as a personal protection and utility knife, the Ace compilments any EDC kit perfectly.  A 3/16" thick 3" blade made from ATS-34,  black micarta grips and red micarta liner, the ace is a durrable and discrete blade suitable for both tough jobs and delicate work.  The sheath is made from Kydex that locks the knife in place for both IWB and OWB carry.

The  Sharp Finger

This is an homage to the classic sportsman's stand-by, the Sharp Finger.  The blade is made of multiple layers of forged 1095 high carbon steel and 2% nickel. the blades are then bathed in an acid solution for 10-15 mins to reveal the "wood grain" texture. The handle is made of Ash and Paduk with stainless steel pins and linen micarta spacers and blade liner.

The Tucker

This knife design is based in tactical stylings with an emphasis on hunting.  This custom pattern was made for my cousin who was looking for a hunting knife with a strong tip, durrable grip, and excellent edge retention.  This blade is made of 3/16" ATS-34 with black canvas micarta grips and red micarta liners.  The sheath is custom formed from kydex to keep a tight grip on the the knife through the roughest turain.

The  Mako

Designed as a set to match the Thresher, the Mako was designed for me.  The blade is made from 3/16" thick ATS-34 and is hardened to 60 rc. The handle is made from real buffalo horn and hand picked stabilized maple burl. Linen micarta spacers and liner make this knife truly one of a kind. The sheath is made from cow leather and dyed black. It is hand stitched with white thread for a nice contrast.

The Thresher

As the big brother to the Mako, the Thresher shares all of the same characteristics, but on a slightly larger scale. The buffalo horn and Maple burl are even cut from the same scales! This sturdy blade measures 3/16" thick and is made from the same high quality ATS-34 as the Mako. Stainless steel pins and a black leather sheath complete the look of this knife.

The Nessmuk

Though the true origin of the Nessmuk blade design is unknown, time has proven this pattern to be an excellent companion. Often used as an outdoors man's knife for skinning and field butchering, it has recently gained popularity in the culinary field . This blade is made from 3/16" 1095 High-Carbon steel rc 58 with a Montenero Rose wood grip. Stainless steel pins hold this simple beauty together and round out the classic look to ensure a lifetime of durability.

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