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The Makings of a Legend

Great knives require only the best materials.

Blade Steel

Stainless Steels are excellent for a wide variety of applications.  Some of the varieties available include ATS-34, S30V, and 440C.

High Carbon Steels have a variety of great qualities that make them a more economical option when compared to Stainless steels without sacrificing edge quality. Available high carbon steels include 1095, 52100 bearing steel, and D2.​

Damascus Steels are a perfect blending between a high carbon steel and Nickel.  by forging these two metals together in different layering orders, an endless number of possibilities arise.  Some of the available patterns include random, ladder, and snake eye.

Handle Materials

Exotic and Stabilized Woods are among the most common knife handle materials.  These woods provide the classic knife handle look that so many people desire. Stabilized woods provide extra durability while traditional hardwoods allow for more customization and individuality.

Animal Horn and Antlers provide the classic knife handle look that has been around since the dawn of time. Available products include black buffalo horn with white streaking, honey horn, antler, and a variety of synthetic Ivory.

Synthetic Materials such as micarta, G-10, synthetic marble and more have become very popular with knife makers.  These materials typically exhibit tremendous heat, corrosion, cracking, and shattering resistances.  They have found a home amongst survival and tactical knife fans alike.

Handle Pins, Bolsters, and Tubes​ are another critical component of the handle.  Pins, Bolsters, and Tubes are typically made from brass, nickel, steel, or a combination of the three.  It is a subtle yet critical component of how your handle looks. Highly stylized Mosaic pins are also available and can dramatically change the appearance of you handle. 

Sheath Materials

Coming Soon!

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